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   We’re more than just a car detailing service; we’re a dedicated team passionate about bringing the best in automotive care to Virginia Beach. Established several years ago, we’ve built a reputation for excellence, trust, and unmatched customer service. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has earned us over 153 five-star reviews on Google, a testament to our expertise and the satisfaction of our clients.

From mobile detailing that comes to you, to in-shop services that transform your vehicle, we offer flexible options to fit your busy lifestyle. We don’t just clean cars—we rejuvenate them, enhancing their beauty and extending their life. Join the many satisfied customers who trust us with their vehicles. Get to know us better and let us take care of your auto detailing needs.


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Headlight restoration process


Our portfolio highlights diverse vehicles enhanced by IGL Coatings, offering superior protection, durability, and a stunning finish against environmental hazards.

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Detailing that Delivers Now


Ideally, aim to detail your car every 4 to 6 months to maintain its condition and protect its value.

A ceramic coating is highly recommended for long-lasting protection against environmental elements and to enhance the gloss of your car’s exterior.

Deep scratches usually require paint correction services, which can often be significantly minimized or eliminated with professional detailing

Ceramic coating offers superior protection against dirt, UV rays, and water, extends the life of your paintwork, and keeps your car looking glossy. Learn more

A thorough detailing job can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle and the services requested.

Yes, many detailers use environmentally friendly products and methods to reduce water usage and chemical runoff.

The cost can vary widely based on the vehicle size and type of services, but generally, it ranges from $100 to $300 for a comprehensive detailing service.

Regularly wash your car, keep it covered when not in use, and apply a quick detailer spray between washes to maintain the detailing effects.

Mobile detailing provides the convenience of professional services at your location, saving you time and allowing for personalized attention.

Compass Auto Detail LLC is highly recommended, known for quality service and customer satisfaction, as reflected in our 153 five-star Google reviews.